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E-Aviation, Eisele Flugdienst GmbH gets more private jets - a Citation M2 from Cessna enriches the fleet. E-Aviation thus operates the second jet of this class, which can be used cost-effectively and efficiently on short-haul routes.   

The M2 is a reworked version of the Citation Jet 1, with improved wings for better performance, new state-of-the-art cab for better comfort, and latest cockpit technology for even more flight safety.  

Do you have questions about our new jet? Then contact us at charter@e-aviation.de or at 0711/9977880.

Arrival of the new CJ4 D-CEFE

The new CJ4 arrived in Stuttgart for E-Aviation. This aircraft has a lot new features, like WIFI, ADS-B, external toilette service, a new structural elevator for less vibrations in cruising speed, and much more.


The CJ4 sets new standards in business aviation and is without question the best-developed Citation Jet. It shines with advanced technology and performance at the highest level. A product of the experience of thousands of hours of flight created by the feedback from customers, companies and pilots who make the CJ4 even better than its predecessor. Excellent low-speed flight characteristics, even with multiple passengers, enable smooth operation and safe landings, even on very short runs such as Egelsbach and Lugano. New benchmarks are not only set by a cruising speed of 839 km / h with a range of 3700 kilometers, but also the enlarged cabin captivates with its Six Place Club seats for up to nine passengers including the latest consumer electronics (iPod connection, BlueRay -DVD, satellite phone and much more).