Always the right jet for your needs

We only use the best business jets in the world for our aircraft fleet – the Citation Jets 2 x CJ3 and 2 x CJ4. We have two Citation Sovereign jets with up to nine passenger seats for charters within Europe and beyond. For shorter trips, we offer a King Air C90GTi with up to six passenger seats, and a Heli-Shuttle Eurocopter AS350 with up to five passenger seats.

Download a PDF showing the entire fleet

2,800 nm
453 kts
9 Passengers
100 cu ft
2,000 nm
4,4 h
450 kts
8-9 Passengers
77 cu ft
1,900 nm
4,3 h
420 kts
7-8 Passengers
65 cu ft
2.600 km
3,5 h
750 km/h
5-6 Passagiere
1,3 m3
1,250 nm
4,0 h
270 kts
5 Passengers
44 cu ft