Compensate your CO2 flight emissions

E-Aviation takes positive steps towards climate protection. As a pioneer in the aviation industry, we offer our customers 100% CO2 compensation by supporting European climate protection projects. For your business or charter flight in a private jet, we offer 100% CO2 compensation by purchasing CO2 certificates in collaboration with our partner NEW ALPHA GmbH.


NEW ALPHA aims to ensure trustworthy CO2 trading by investing only in German and European forest projects, which is necessary to obtain ISO certification. Through our partnership with NEW ALPHA, E-Aviation can guarantee the highest quality standards for European CO2 certificates. Our sales team will take care of all the necessary steps for you, including secure and certified compensation. The CO2 compensation price will be determined according to the duration of the flight and the type of aircraft involved. You have the autonomy to decide whether and to what extent you want to compensate for the CO2 emissions of your flight.

"An example of CO2 compensation for a round-trip flight from Stuttgart to Mallorca."

Every ton of burned kerosene emits 3.16 tons of CO2. With the NEW ALPHA CO2 calculator we calculate the carbon footprint of your individual flight. For instance, if you are planning to fly from Stuttgart to Mallorca and back in a CJ3+ aircraft, the additional cost for carbon offset is only EUR 390, plus the regular charter price.

In contrast, if you choose to refuel your aircraft with SAF, your charter flight will cost EUR 3,365 more. This is approximately 25 percent additional cost to the flight price for a CO2 compensation of only 35 percent. However, our goal is to achieve full compensation for our customers. At present, this can be done only through climate certificates.

Flight duration per flight: 110 minutes.
Aircraft type: Citation Jet 3+
SAF price: 2 euros/liter

*As of October 2023

Reduce your flight emissions while flying in a private jet by using SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel).

Reduce the residual CO2 emissions of your charter flight in a private jet by adding certified SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). Up to 35% SAF can be added to the aviation fuel kerosene. By using SAF, up to 80% can be reduced compared to conventional fossil kerosene.