Media data E Board Magazine

Editorial concept

Eisele Aviation‘s in-flight magazine „E“ is aimed at readers with special requirements and interests. The exclusive lifestyle magazine is distributed free of charge both on our aircraft and in our branch offices in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Lugano and Frankfurt, as well as at the respective destinations in selected locations in the luxury segment (hotels, bars, car dealerships, boutiques, restaurants, private member clubs and airport VIP lounges). It is published bilingually in German and English and brings the world of E-Aviation to life in a fascinating way. The focus is on stories from all over the world: about people and doers, events and companies, exclusive products, and dream destinations. The editorial spectrum ranges from aviation, technology and automobiles, travel, fashion, art and culture to sports, culinary delight, and lifestyle. The appearance of E-Aviation‘s customer magazine also makes it unique and unmistakable. With a modern design, attractive visual language and an exciting mix of entertainment and information.

Target group

The readership includes customers, business partners and interested parties of E-Aviation. The target group consists of international private individuals and business players: corporate leaders, business owners, managers, sports stars, show stars and private travelers. In a nutshell: an exclusive target group that travels a lot – to achieve a lot and experience a lot. This target group is characterized by a special affinity for premium products, extraordinary events, and luxurious offers.

Circulation: 6.000 copies

Publication: 2 times a year

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Media data E Board Magazine